l o v e  w h e r e  y o u  l i v e


Honestly, Lewis. if I could rate you higher than excellent I would!  You certainly went above and beyond my expectations through the entire process which was difficult and frustrating at times which was definitely not attributed to you or your performance.  It was all circumstances and you always handled each and every event professionally, thoughtfully, and expeditiously.  Personally, I especially appreciated your patience with me when I became frustrated in the process and became a little unreasonable.  You allowed me to vent so that I could calm down.  I always knew you had my best interests at heart and I had complete trust in you.  I am thrilled with how things turned out.  I could not have expected more.  That adorable little boy I knew years ago in our neighborhood has become a very dear and trusted friend.
 Grover and DeAnn Jenson