l o v e  w h e r e  y o u  l i v e

1. My Mission for Home Sellers

Lewis Barton

I am committed to helping you succeed at selling your home with the fewest inconveniences and in the shortest time frame possible.
I will listen to your needs and together we will figure out the best way to meet them. I will oversee the entire home selling process;
1. Consultation
2. Staging 
3. Pricing
4. Marketing 
5. Negotiations
6. Escrow
7. Closing
I will utilize my professional networks, tools, education and experience to help you successfully sale your home. My reputation and livelihood depend on it.

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2. Professionalism in Real Estate

Lewis believes that CLIENT LOYALTY is the highest achievement obtainable in Real Estate sales. Lewis is pleased to report that over 99% of his business comes from clients, friends, family and referrals.

Proper Education

Lewis has been a licensed Realtor since 2000. In 2003, he met all the professional requirements and completed the prescribed schooling to receive his Real Estate Brokers License. He was an Associate Broker for 10 years, and in 2012, he created Lakeview Realty where is the Principle Broker and owner. Lewis continues learning and stays abreast of market trends, conditions and statistics.

Real Experience  

As a Real Estate Broker, Lewis has helped hundreds of clients buy and sell properties over his career. His average is over $10 million dollars of Real Estate sales per year. This production ranks him in the top 1% of Realtors nationwide. Having guided this number of clients through the home buying and selling process, there are very few problems that arise that he does not know a sensible solution for.


Client Commitment is difficult to quantify but it is the most important ingredient to a successful Real Estate transaction. Lewis adheres to a high code of ethics and always puts his client’s best interest first. He believes failure to do so would compromise his fiduciary duty to his client and would result in a failing transaction and career. By always putting his client’s needs first Lewis exemplifies true client commitment

3. Testimonials

Great Marketing

I was very impressed with how quickly and how appropriately the home was marketed. He knew exactly what it should sell for and when – and it did!
Tim and Amy, sold their home in Bountiful and bought a new Edge home in Lehi

I can Truly Recommend Lewis and Lakeview Reality

Working with Lewis and his Team was the best experience selling my home and buying the house that was right for me. I can truly recommend Lewis and Lakeview Realty as the one to work with.

It’s Obvious He Cares about his Clients

Lewis and his team gave the best customer service that BJ and I have ever received. We would not have been able to get our dream house without his dedicated effort. It’s obvious he genuinely cares about his clients and what they want. He walked us through every step of selling our house to buying the new one. I’m so incredibly impressed. I can’t see why anyone would want anyone else to help them through this process. He has connections and relationships with builders, contractors, construction professionals, loan officers etc. Because of those relationships, we were able to save money and time. Thank you Lewis!

Jeanette Baum

Explained Everything Every Step of the Way

sam-and-sarahI have known Lewis for a several years. When it came time to sell our home we knew Lewis would do a great job. He Explained everything along the whole process. He performed above our expectations. We highly recommend him!”
Sam and Sarah, Sold their home in Eagle Mountain

4. Why I Work by Referral

Relationships are Most Important

My business is built on relationships. I work to provide my clients with outstanding service and care during and after the purchase or sale of their home. My clients are my friends and I care about each one. I have served many clients and their families for over 20 years.


Before each transaction I take the time to educate my clients regarding the current real estate market and the home buying or selling process so they know what to expect. This knowledge helps my clients know what’s normal and what’s not, it also gives them confidence in negotiations and throughout the entire transaction.

You Control My Business

Your referrals are the foundation of my business so I aim to exceed your expectation every step of the way. Working by referral allows me to spend my time focused on my client’s transactions and not drumming up business. It’s a win-win relationship!

Service Continues After the Sale

I am devoted to serving your needs even after the sale is complete. If you need a professional referral, helpful advice or a great agent for your out of state friends or family, I am here to help

“I have great clients who refer me to their friends and family who are wonderful people too! I love working by referral.”

5. The Home Selling Process

  1. Prepare a Market Analysis for your home comparing it to homes currently for sale and homes that have recently sold to determine an accurate list price.
  2. Explain and sign listing agreement and all paperwork.
  3. Help you prepare your home through “staging”.
  4. Professionally photograph your home. This is a very important day!
  5. Professionally market your home to both the public and Realtors.
  6. Order a Title Insurance Commitment from the Title Company.
  7. Order a Home Warranty for your home, if applicable.
  8. Answer questions and solicit offers.
  9. Negotiate on your behalf to get you the best terms and price.




“Did you know… when you’re buying
a home you can get my professional services at no cost to you?”

  1. Obtain a pre-approval letter from the Buyer’s lender.
    Ensure the contract and all paperwork are completed correctly and copies are given to all parties.
  2. Coordinate buyer’s home inspection and negotiate on your be half how to handle any issues found.
  3. Coordinate with you and the buyer’s lender to make sure the appraisal is completed and comes in at value.
  4. Follow up with buyer’s lender to ensure loan conditions are met.
  5. Schedule and prepare for settlement.
  6. Attend settlement at the Title Company with you to ensure the contract is upheld.
  7. Notify you when the loan is funded and transaction recorded.
  8. Coordinate transfer of utilities and moving day.

6. Marketing

I am a full time Real Estate Broker. Through proper staging, accurate pricing and effective marketing, I will sell your home! Here are some examples of how we can market your home to the public and to other realtors:


  • Professional Photos
  • Yard Signs
  • Online
  • Direct Mail
  • Word of Mouth
  • Directional Signs
  • Social Media


  • UtahRealEstate.com
  • Private Showings
  • Feedback
  • Follow-up
  • Realtor Tour
  • Word of Mouth
  • Direct Email
  • Professional Relationships

7. Your Team


Lakeview Logo Filled Color



Lewis Barton
Real Estate Broker
268 W 1000 S Lehi, UT 84043

  • Residential & Investment Real Estate Sales Realtor since 2000
  • Associate Broker since 2003
  • Principle Broker since 2012
  • Dedicated professional who is caring, knowledgeable and experienced

Kim Peterson
Licensed Assistant
268 W 1000 S Lehi, UT 84043

  • Office Manager
  • Transaction Coordinator
  • Licensed Real Estate Sales Agent
  • Marketing, Escrow and Closing

Jon Chamberlain
Loan Officer
576 S State St Orem, UT 84058

  • Loan prequalification
  • Residential home loans & refinances
  • Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA Rural Housing, Utah Housing, & Renovation Loans
  • In house processing, underwriting, & funding


Ryan Ostler
Title & Escrow
1291 N State St Orem, UT 84057

  • Title Searches
  • Title Reports
  • Title Insurance
  • Escrow & Closing which includes; Settlements, Funding, and Recording

Mark Nance
Home Inspector

  • Professional Home Inspections
  • Over 40 point inspection report with photos
  • Costs ~ $400 (depending on size of home)
  • Meth and Mold Testing
  • Carbon Monoxide Testing
  • Radon Testing


  • One Year Home Warranty
  • Furnace & Air Conditioning
  • Plumbing Systems & Water Heaters
  • Electrical System & Appliances
  • ~ $400 in costs (Depending on plan)
  • $60 service call fee

9. Staging Your Home

To get top dollar for your home we need buyers to





A great first impression is essential to selling your home in a timely manner and for full market value. The effort is well worth your time. The Real Estate Staging Association studied 174 homes that had been on the market for an average of 156 days before homeowners hired a professional home stager. After staging, they sold in an average of 42 days after relisting.

Most buyers today do not have the experience nor imagination to see a home’s “potential”. If the home is not move-in ready, they see “problems”. Most buyers do not have the money, time, tools nor skills to fix up a house. Staging your home is a extremely important.

Staging will help your home sell faster and for thousands of dollars more. If your home is not move in ready, it quickly becomes overwhelming to most buyers and they will not consider buying your home. By properly staging your home you can create an ambiance that is clean, stylish and welcoming. A home that buyers will like and want to live in.

Interior Staging









  • 1. Clean
  • 2. De-Clutter
  • 3. Organize
  • 4. Paint
  • 5. Decorate

Mop, vacuum, and wash down every surface, including blinds, baseboards,doors, light switches and fixtures. Buyers will open your pantry and closets so don’t stuff your clutter away. Leave no dust bunny un-turned, we need your home to look and smell bright, fresh and clean!

Instead of a potential buyer’s eyes moving easily from one side of the room to another, clutter disrupts the flow and catches the buyer’s gaze and is distracting. Buyers will focus on your mess or dust instead of your homes positive features.

Once you have removed the clutter and knick-knacks, its time to organize what is left behind. Built-in storage systems are an excellent way to get offices and closets in order. Store extra clothes or seasonal items in a few inexpensive plastic tubs and put them in the garage or better yet, a storage unit. This helps you organize and stage your home and you’ll have to box it all up anyway.

It’s one of the most obvious and inexpensive upgrades. A fresh coat of paint on the walls and trim will give your home a lot of bang for the buck! You will be surprised what a bright accent wall can do for a room.

A lack of décor can make a home feel cold. Add framed artwork, photography or mirrors to the walls. You could add a nice plant or flower arrangement to empty tables or counter space. Some other simple suggestions are to buy some new rugs, throw pillows, shower curtains and towels. This helps brighten up a space and makes it feel new.

Exterior Staging





  • 1. Clean
  • 2. Spruce up the Yard
  • 3. Pop of Color
  • 4. Paint

Pick up any garbage laying around the yard, reel in the hoses, place the garbage cans in the garage or on the side of the house. Wash the windows and spray off the exterior of the home, front porch, patio, deck and sidewalks to help make your property feel fresh and clean.

Make sure the lawn is cut, bushes and trees trimmed and flower beds weed free. Organize and stage your patio and decks.

Plant bright flowers in your flower beds in both your front & back yard. For the front door, add a new welcome mat and wreath.

Whether it’s the front door, shutters, exterior door casings, deck or patio furniture, a fresh coat of paint is inexpensive and will really spruce up the exterior.

10. Pricing

Very important

Lewis will educate you on current market conditions, sold comparable homes and your competition so you will have the necessary facts to accurately price your home.

Accurate Pricing Benefits

  • 1. Faster Sale
  • 2. More Money to You
  • 3. More Convenient
  • 4. Increased Agent Excitement
  • 5. Exposure to the Right Buyers
  • 6. Successfully Sold Property
1. Faster Sale

More buyers and Realtors will view your home and become excited about it because it is priced right. This excitement generates interest and most importantly offers.

2. More Money to You

If a home is priced right, the excitement of the market produces a higher sales price. Buyers are less likely to make low offers out of fear of losing a good home at a fair price. Hopefully there will be multiple offers when the home is priced right. With multiple offers, you can choose the highest sales price with the strongest buyer instead of compromising or having to offer discounts or pay for the buyer’s closing costs.

3. More Convenient

Less time on the market means fewer showings and adjustments to your schedule and lifestyle.

4. Increased Agent Excitement

When a home is first put on the market, it generates excitement among local Realtors. If Realtors are excited about a home’s price and condition, they make special efforts to show it to their buyers.

5. Exposure to the Right Buyers

Buyers view numerous homes prior to making a purchase. If your home is competitive in style, features, condition and location with other homes in a certain price range, the right buyers see it and they will make an offer.

6. Successfully Sold Property

It is highly unlikely that a buyer will pay more for your home than a previous buyer paid for a comparable property with similar amenities and features. How do we know what a buyer may be willing to pay for your home? By looking at the SOLD Prices of comparable homes. The prices of active listings or listings which did not sell should not be used as your pricing gauge.



Dangers of Over Pricing

  • 1. Miss the “Window of Opportunity“
  • 2. Perception of Being “Shopworn“
  • 3. Home Takes Longer to Sell
  • 4. Home Sells for Less
  • 5. Home Never Sells
1. Miss the “Window of Opportunity“

The excitement is highest during the first few weeks a home is on the market. In essence, there is a window of opportunity where Realtors and Buyers in the market will be excited to see your “new” listing. If your home is overpriced during this critical window, it is difficult to generate that excitement again.

2. Perception of Being “Shopworn“

The perception once a home has been on the market for a period of time is that no one wants it. It becomes “shopworn” and buyers ask themselves “what’s wrong with this home?” Just like merchandise on a rack at a department store which has been looked over, buyers expect to pay less.

3. Home Takes Longer to Sell

Buyers are smart and will always pick the best home for the money. Homes priced above current market value do not sell. If you price your home above the competition, no amount of marketing nor time will sell it.

4. Home Sells for Less

Starting out high to “test the market” and then periodically reducing the price causes a property to become stale. By the time a home is finally reduced to the current market value it may be too aged to attract a full-price offer. Have you ever asked how long a property has been on the market? If it had been quite some time, what conclusion did you draw?

5. Home Never Sells

Of course, the greatest risk of overpricing a home is that after months of showings, inconvenience and stress, the home does not sell. Most qualified and motivated buyers are smart and will not pay more for a home than it’s current market value. Lenders and appraisers make certain of this.

Invalid Pricing Factors

  • 1. Personal Needs
  • 2. Repairs & Improvements
  • 3. Refinance Appraisal
  • 4. Prices of Homes Where You Are Moving
1. Personal Needs

An owner’s need for money does not increase the value of the house. Your need to pay off credit cards, cover a home equity line of credit or even pay for a college education will not influence what a buyer is willing to pay for your home.

2. Repairs & Improvements

Improvements should be made for your enjoyment, not just for resale. You cannot add an item to your home, use it, and then expect the buyer to pay full price for it. Maintenance and repairs are a normal part of living in a home. Replacing a roof or putting in new carpet simply returns a home to normal expectations.

3. Refinance Appraisal

Appraisals, along with your good credit, are tools used by lenders to insure that there is enough security to give you a loan. Refinance appraisals often vary considerably from the price a buyer is willing to pay. Thus refinance appraisals are not an accurate way to  competitively price your home.

4. Prices of Homes Where You Are Moving

Home prices are determined by location, condition, supply and demand. The exact same home is going to sell for more in Beverly Hills than in Provo. Because you may be moving to a higher priced area does not make your current home worth more.



What influences the value of my home and the real estate market?

Accurate Principles

  • 1. The Condition of Your Home
  • 2. Sold Comparable Homes
  • 3. Location of Your Home
  • 4. Supply and Demand
  • 5. Interest Rates and The Economy
  • 6. Available Inventory
1. The Condition of Your Home

Five of the six Accurate Pricing Principles are typically out of a seller’s control. However the condition of your home is entirely up to you. Your home will be competing with other properties for sale. The homes that are in top condition sell for top dollar. Just as you would wash and wax a car prior to selling it, your home should be in “showroom” condition when we begin marketing.

Please review our Staging suggestions in the previous pages to learn how to properly prepare your home for sale.

2. Sold Comparable Homes

It is highly unlikely that a buyer will pay more for your property than they would pay for a comparable property with similar amenities and features. How do we know what a buyer may be willing to pay for your home? By analyzing the SOLD homes and prices of comparable homes including those in your area and neighborhood.

3. Location of Your Home

There is an old real estate adage that the three most important features of a property are “Location, Location, Location!” Buyers are willing to pay vastly different prices for very similar homes depending on the location.

4. Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand is the number of available homes compared to the number of active buyers. A low supply of homes with high demand will increase the value of homes; a low demand or an oversupply of homes will lower the values.

5. Interest Rates and The Economy

Current interest rates, the local economy and the national economy also affect the value of your home and the real estate market. Real estate values decrease during times of recession and generally increase when the economy is strong.

6. Available Inventory

Your home will be competing for a buyer against other homes in the same geographical area and price range. Normally buyers select just ONE home.

When a buyer falls in love with your home and is convinced that your home is THE BEST HOME for the money, then it will sell!

If a buyer does NOT fall in love with your home NOR are they convinced that your home is the best home for the money, it will not sell.