l o v e  w h e r e  y o u  l i v e

1. My Mission for Home Buyers

Lewis BartonLewis is committed to helping you successfully buy the best home for the lowest price and with the fewest inconveniences. His reputation and livelihood depend on your satisfaction. To accomplish this, Lewis will listen to you, learn your wants and needs and be your advocate to ensure your best interest is upheld throughout the entire transaction including:
1. Home Search
2. Negotiations
3. Contracts
4. Escrow
5. Closing

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2. Professionalism in Real Estate

Lewis believes that CLIENT LOYALTY is the highest achievement obtainable in Real Estate sales. Lewis is pleased to report that over 99% of his business comes from clients, friends, family and referrals.

Proper Education

Lewis has been a licensed Realtor since 2000. In 2003, he met all the professional requirements and completed the prescribed schooling to receive his Real Estate Brokers License. He was an Associate Broker for 10 years, and in 2012, he created Lakeview Realty where is the Principle Broker and owner. Lewis continues learning and stays abreast of market trends, conditions and statistics.

Real Experience  

As a Real Estate Broker, Lewis has helped hundreds of clients buy and sell properties over his career. His average is over $10 million dollars of Real Estate sales per year. This production ranks him in the top 1% of Realtors nationwide. Having guided this number of clients through the home buying and selling process, there are very few problems that arise that he does not know a sensible solution for.


Client Commitment is difficult to quantify but it is the most important ingredient to a successful Real Estate transaction. Lewis adheres to a high code of ethics and always puts his client’s best interest first. He believes failure to do so would compromise his fiduciary duty to his client and would result in a failing transaction and career. By always putting his client’s needs first Lewis exemplifies true client commitment

3. Testimonials

Personal Care

Lewis, Dee and I were very impressed with the personal care we and Sally received from your very professional service. I cannot think of anything that was not done. After building five new homes in our lifetime that is a real compliment. We very much appreciated all that you have done to help Sally through this first time buying experience. You were always there and kept us appraised of what was happening.

Comfortable Process

Meghan-BrandonYou have helped explain every aspect of purchasing a home to us so that we felt comfortable throughout the whole process. For this, we are grateful. We also wanted to thank you for your patience with us and our seemingly never ending questions. We truly appreciate all of the time that you took to ensure that our questions were answered fully.

Awesome Experience

He is very knowledgeable, fun, and on top of it all. I expected him to get upset when I told him I wanted to make an offer on our third home. He stayed calm which made all the difference. Thank you for all your time and expertise. We appreciate you!

Best Realtor

Tom-Nikki-Pittman-Family-PhotoLewis, you (and your team) are the best Realtors we have ever known, and we’ve know a lot. You’ll continue to get referrals from us, and when we are ready to invest in this area, you’ll no doubt get return business as well. Thanks again

4. Why I Work by Referral

Relationships are Most Important

My business is built on relationships. I work to provide my clients with outstanding service and care during and after the purchase or sale of their home. My clients are my friends and I care about each one. I have served many clients and their families for over 20 years.


Before each transaction I take the time to educate my clients regarding the current real estate market and the home buying or selling process so they know what to expect. This knowledge helps my clients know what’s normal and what’s not, it also gives them confidence in negotiations and throughout the entire transaction.

You Control My Business

Your referrals are the foundation of my business so I aim to exceed your expectation every step of the way. Working by referral allows me to spend my time focused on my client’s transactions and not drumming up business. It’s a win-win relationship!

Service Continues After the Sale

I am devoted to serving your needs even after the sale is complete. If you need a professional referral, helpful advice or a great agent for your out of state friends or family, I am here to help

“I have great clients who refer me to their friends and family who are wonderful people too! I love working by referral.”

5. The Home Buying Process

  1. Home Buyer Consultation: Learn your wants and needs, explain the home buying process, educate you on current market conditions, set realistic expectations & designate Lewis as your Realtor.
  2. Obtain Loan Pre-Approval.
  3. Search the market and compile possibilities according to your criteria. Use www.UtahRealEstate.com so I can email you listings and view your favorites.
  4. Schedule appointments at least 24 hours in advance and tour homes together.
  5. Show you available properties for sale, including properties for sale by any real estate company, builders and for sale by owners.
  6. Point out the homes strengths and weaknesses which will affect resale value.
  7. Help you make an educated decision by doing a CMA, Comparative Market Analysis, on the properties you like.




“Did you know… when you’re buying
a home you can get my professional services at no cost to you?”

  1. Write and present the Real Estate Purchase Contract. 1% Earnest Money is expected, Homes are sold “As-Is” but contracts are usually contingent upon Inspections, Appraisal and Financing.
  2. Negotiate the lowest possible sales price and most favorable terms for you.
  3. Manage the Escrow Process including but not limited to: all the legal documents, seller’s property condition disclosures, title report, inspections, repairs, appraisal… our Escrow Checklist has over 100 action items on it.
  4. Work with your loan officer to meet all loan conditions.
  5. Manage the CLOSING process which consists of: Settlement, Funding & Recording.
  6. Deliver the keys to you so you can move in and celebrate!
  7. Oversee the entire transaction from education to moving in to assure the contract and your best interest are upheld throughout the entire process.
  8. Once a client, always a client. Contact me for all your Real Estate
    needs and questions.

6. Buyer’s Responsibilities

  1. Designate Lewis as your exclusive Real Estate Agent.
  2. Obtain a loan prequalification letter and a fee worksheet from your loan officer and learn the details of your loan.
  3. Tell Lewis about the homes and neighborhoods that you are interested in. Including; homes listed for sale by other real estate brokerages, for sale by owners, new construction, online, open houses and driving around.
  4. Coordinate schedules in advance to see homes.
  5. Inform other agents, builders and For Sale By Owners that Lewis is your Realtor.
  6. If you are interested in building a new home, coordinate with Lewis before you visit the builder’s model home so he can register you.
  7. Tell Lewis what you like and don’t like about the homes you see.

7. Your Team


Lakeview Logo Filled Color



Lewis Barton
Real Estate Broker
268 W 1000 S Lehi, UT 84043

  • Residential & Investment Real Estate Sales Realtor since 2000
  • Associate Broker since 2003
  • Principle Broker since 2012
  • Dedicated professional who is caring, knowledgeable and experienced

Kim Peterson
Licensed Assistant
268 W 1000 S Lehi, UT 84043

  • Office Manager
  • Transaction Coordinator
  • Licensed Real Estate Sales Agent
  • Marketing, Escrow and Closing

Jon Chamberlain
Loan Officer
576 S State St Orem, UT 84058

  • Loan prequalification
  • Residential home loans & refinances
  • Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA Rural Housing, Utah Housing, & Renovation Loans
  • In house processing, underwriting, & funding


Ryan Ostler
Title & Escrow
1291 N State St Orem, UT 84057

  • Title Searches
  • Title Reports
  • Title Insurance
  • Escrow & Closing which includes; Settlements, Funding, and Recording

Mark Nance
Home Inspector

  • Professional Home Inspections
  • Over 40 point inspection report with photos
  • Costs ~ $400 (depending on size of home)
  • Meth and Mold Testing
  • Carbon Monoxide Testing
  • Radon Testing


  • One Year Home Warranty
  • Furnace & Air Conditioning
  • Plumbing Systems & Water Heaters
  • Electrical System & Appliances
  • ~ $400 in costs (Depending on plan)
  • $60 service call fee

8. Choosing a Lender

  1. Since you’ll be discussing important financial information, pick a loan officer that you trust and enjoy working with.
  2. Whenever possible meet them in person.
  3. Get a loan pre-qualification letter and ask them to email it to both you and me.
  4. Ask the loan officer to provide you with a closing disclosure and explain it to you. This interaction will help you decide if you like them or not.
  5. Discuss which loan program is best for you. Factors of the loan program to consider are:
    1. Required down payment
    2. Closing costs
    3. “Pre-paids”
    4. Interest rates
    5. Underwriting process
    6. Closing time frame
    7. Cash required at closing
    8. Monthly payments

Provide the following information to your loan officer:

  1. Last 2 years w-2’s
  2. All pages of last 2 years filed tax returns
  3. Social security card and driver license
  4. One full month’s pay stubs showing year to date earnings
  5. 2 months bank statements (all accounts & all pages)
  6. 3 months of all retirement accounts; 401k, roth’s, stocks… (all accounts & all pages)
  7. If you are not a u.s. Citizen, bring a copy of your resident alien card
  8. Loans require additional documentation. Please discuss details with your loan officer

9. FHA vs Conventional

Which Loan is Right for me?

FHA Loan

  • + 3.5% minimum down payment
  • + Easier qualifications
  • + Lower interest rates
  • + First time home buyers may combine FHA loans with down payment assistance programs
  • + FHA loans are assumable
  • + Possible streamline no cost refinance


  • – Monthly Mortgage Insurance for the life of the loan
  • – FHA Loan limits for single family homes:
  • Salt Lake county: $416,300
  • Utah county: $401,350

Conventional Loan

  • + Conventional Loan Limit: $510,400 
  • + Can be combined with first and second mortgages
  • + You can pre-pay your mortgage insurance through closing, so you do not pay it monthly
  • + You can drop mortgage insurance once the bank confirms there is 22% equity in the home.+ 3% or 5% minimum down payment required


  • – Higher Credit Score required
  • – Lower minimum debt to income ratio allowed

Contact Lewis when you think you have 20% equity so he can do a comparative market analysis to confirm your equity amount 

Contact Lewis

10. Buyer’s Financial Responsibilities

I. Minimum Down Payment 

  • 3.5% FHA
  • 5% Conventional
  • 0% VA
  • 0% USDA

II. Closing Costs 

  • Consult with your Loan Officer for accurate closing costs
  • 1% Loan origination 
  • 1% Title; title insurance, closing and recording 
  • 1% ‘Pre-paids’; mortgage insurance, interest, taxes, home owners insurance, and HOA fees if applicable 

III. Examples of “Seller Paid Closing Costs”

Example 1- Full Price Offer

List Price is: $300,000
Sales Price: $308,000
Seller to Pay $8,000 for Buyer’s Closing Costs
Seller Net is: $300,000

Example 2- Seller Pays Buyer’s Closing Costs

List Price is: $300,000
Sales Price: $300,000
Seller to Pay $8,000 for Buyer’s Closing Costs
Seller Net is: $292,000

Example 3- The Compromise

List Price is: $300,000
Sales Price: $304,000
Seller to Pay $8,000 for Buyer’s Closing Costs
Seller Net is: $296,000

12. 5 Mistakes Home Buyers Make

Refusing to Consider Purchase of a Home with Dated Décor

“Sometimes people can’t see past the decorating that’s been done,” says Rhyne, a Prudential agent. The fact is that many people can’t see the potential of some fine properties because of old paint, worn carpeting or dated appliances. “People like all-white kitchens. So they walk into a kitchen of a house with harvest gold appliances and then walk right out,” she says. Looking beyond the obvious, you could see that the house with the gold appliances may also have spacious bedrooms and fine hardwood floors underneath threadbare carpets. Smart home buyers know that since so few can see the potential of a house with dated décor, such a diamond in the rough can be a very good deal.


Using an Inexperienced Home Inspector

Buying a home is a costly proposition so some buyers try to cut corners on the expense of a home inspection. “People say, ‘We’ll get cousin Fred or Uncle Jake to do the home inspection,’” says Helfant. A well-meaning amateur may be skilled in understanding one or two home systems, but it is unlikely that he will have the breadth of knowledge necessary to evaluate all the systems in a property – as a high-quality professional inspector could. It’s far better to invest in a thorough home inspection from an independent source than to rely on the candor of the seller, their agent, or even Uncle Jake. Discovering hidden problems early can allow you to renegotiate the terms or back out if the problems are serious. Helfant points out that “Trying to save money on a home inspection is false economy.”

House Shopping Before Prequalifying

“In the many cases, home buyers find the property first and then try to smash the loan into the property.” Says Julie Garton author of “All About Mortgages“. “All too often, homebuyers commit to the purchase of a property before they’ve met with a mortgage lender to calculate exactly what they can afford. Failing to become “pre-qualified” can lead to disappointment,” Garton says. Unless you get your ‘reality therapy’ before you select a home, you could have to fall out of love with the property you want to buy.

Tying to Buy a New Home without Selling your Current Home First

The temptation to stalk the right trade-up property before you find a buyer for your old place can be overwhelming. After all, you reason, you want to be certain the grass on the other side is truly greener. But unless you sell your current place before trying to buy a new house, you could find yourself in a bad bargaining position. Timing could force you to sell your old home at a discount and giving up your chance at the move-up property you want to buy. You should have your present home in market condition, listed with a realtor, and under contract with a qualified buyer before you go shopping for a new one.

Trying to Buy an Impractical Lifestyle

Real Estate experts emphasize that trying to acquire an unrealistic lifestyle through a home purchase is a huge mistake. “You can try to buy the dream but you have to live with the reality,” says Dorcas Helfant, former president of the National Association of Realtors. If you don’t have the money or the ability to maintain a pool or a house in the mountain, don’t buy it.