l o v e  w h e r e  y o u  l i v e


My wife and I have moved over 12 times in our life, across many different states and countries. We have worked with ALOT of realtors, and Lewis Barton stands head and shoulders above all the rest. Lewis has helped my wife and I find our dream home in Provo. He’s also helped my son and his family AND my mother-in-law to find their dream homes. I have referred him to close friends several times. He is a true professional; always does all his homework and offers expert advic…e. On an interpersonal level, he is fun, funny and caring. He really listens, and is quick to understand what is important. He empathizes with his clients. We had alot of fun and laughs through the process, but he’s always working for us and always has our back, truly watching out for our best interests. I would recommend Lewis to anyone. I have referred him to friends and family, and I’m sure I will refer him to many more in the future. I endorse Lewis with zero reservations.
Brad Taylor