l o v e  w h e r e  y o u  l i v e


Lewis is a long-time family friend, and now, a business colleague and mentor for me in the field of real estate! I feel fortunate to know him and learn from him! As a fellow Broker Owner of a real estate firm in the Hawaiian Islands, and former resident of Utah County myself, I find that Lewis and I are able to share many referrals with each other to ensure that our Clients, Family and Friends are well taken care of. It has been fun to see the connections we seem to have between Utah and Hawaii! Lewis is senior to me in terms of his years of experience in the field of real estate sales and he has been generous in sharing with me invaluable insights that have helped me to better develop the priorities for my business. Most importantly, Lewis is real, authentic, caring and truly service-oriented in his approach to life and business. It is no surprise to me at all that his real estate business consists strictly of referrals from Friends, Family and Clients, without the need to do any marketing outside of that sphere of influence. I highly recommend Lewis, both as a great guy to know, AND as your go-to real estate Broker for excellent representation in and around Utah County!
Munro M.